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by chunter

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Welcome to slice-of-life desktop pop! This is a collection of vocal and instrumental pop songs flowing between the styles, feelings, and moods of an introverted hobbyist with a small, growing family.


released February 8, 2016

Featuring the following voicebanks of the UTAU speech synthesizer: Kasane Teto Momone Momo Pam and Pamyu

also the Vocaloid voicebank Megpoid Gumi and the Alter/Ego voicebank Daisy Bell.

Greetings to origami repetika, all involved with Weekly Treats in 2015, all involved with Tricolored, all at Vocaloidism, UTAU Forums, Audiotournament/SounDevotion, bitpuritans, and Battle of the Bits, with thanks to my family, and YOU.

Mixed and mastered using Renoise version 3.0




chunter Brunswick, Georgia

Multi-instrumentalist micromusician with rock and jazz background.

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Track Name: Keep the Wheels Turning
Won't stop the wheels from turning
Though our house is burning
Caught in the fate we're earning
Keep the wheels turning
Track Name: It's Only Springtime
I had to make a pledge, it won't mean anything
I'll speak what's on my mind, you won't be listening
They tried to give me pills to help with my mood swings
I can't help what I feel, these pills don't do a thing
Sometimes I wonder, will it ever stop
Go on...

Stop messing with my feelings
Stop blaming my emotions
My thoughts will be validated
This is how it has to be
Sometimes I wonder, will it ever stop

The world is so unfair, bad things keep happening
I will not be its heir, I don't deserve nice things
Sometimes I wonder, does it ever stop

Sometimes I wonder, can we make it stop?

It's only springtime, but it feels like autumn sometimes
It's only springtime, but it feels like autumn in my mind
Track Name: SHA-DA-LL-LA (You Are Made of Love)
The bad news is we can't fix you
The good news is we don't need to
Our hearts are joined together, and cannot be undone
You are made of love
You, too, are a part of a perfect and beautiful art